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Posted by: Unknown on 16-11-2017

Last Friday, 25 year 8 students went on a visit to Vauxhall City farm for CAS day. Vauxhall City farm is a little piece of the countryside in central London. The farm is run as a charity focusing on education, youth work, animal care and horticulture and is a centre for ‘Riding for the Disabled’


The students and staff had a wonderful day, spending time handling and learning about smaller animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and ferrets, then spent time walking around the farm where the larger animals are kept. We were all able to feed and stroke the animals who were all very friendly and calm. We saw donkeys, pigs, sheep, goats and the beautiful 3 Alpacas called Tom, Jerry and Ben. Some of the students had never seen these type of animals before and one student said she had been a little scared before coming on the trip but ended up feeding and stroking lots of the animals which was a real achievement.


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