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Year 11 Pre Public Examination in November

Posted by: Kerry Bryan on 11-10-2018

There will be a Science PPE for all Year 11 students on Friday 2nd November 2018 at 11:15am. There will be 1 paper for all Separate Science and all Combined Science students.


The PPE will be 2 hours long and will have some questions on each of the sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


Each Science will have questions worth 40 marks and the total for the paper will be 120 marks


Please find below the content that students need to revise for the questions that will be covered in this paper.



CB1 Key concepts in Biology

CB2 Cells and Control

CB3 Genetics

CB4 Natural selection and genetic modification



CC1 States of matter

CC2 Methods of separating and purifying substances

CC3 Atomic Structure

CC4 The Periodic table

CC5 Ionic bonding

CC6 Covalent bonding

CC7 Types of substances

CC9 Calculations involving masses



CP2 Forces and Motion

CP3 Conservation of energy

CP4 Waves

CP5 Light and the electromagnetic spectrum


Students will need to use their digital textbook to revise which can be accessed through  www.pearsonactivelearn.com

If students have not yet bought a revision guide, they are available for purchase from the Science department.


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