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YEAR 11 December Science PPE

Posted by: Kerry Bryan on 09-11-2018

Edexcel (9-1) - Science

Topics and Assessments


There are six papers in total.  2 papers each for biology, chemistry and physics. 


Each paper is 1hr 10mins – 60 marks


Biology Topics


Paper 1:

  • CB1: Key concepts in biology
  • CB2: Cells and control
  • CB3: Genetics
  • CB4: Natural selection and genetic modification
  • CB5: Health, disease and the

development of medicines


Paper 2:  

  • CB1: Key concepts in biology
  • CB6:  Plant structures and their functions
  • CB7: Animal coordination, control and homeostasis
  • CB8: Exchange and transport in animals
  • CB9: Ecosystems and material cycles




Paper 1:

  • CC3-CC7, CC9: Key concepts in chemistry,
  • CC1-CC2: States of matter and mixtures
  • CC8, CC10Chemical changes
  • CC11-CC12: Extracting metals and equilibria


Paper 2:   

  • CC3-CC7: Key concepts in chemistry
  • CC13: Groups in the periodic table
  • CC14-CC15: Rates of reaction and energy changes
  • CC16-CC17- Fuels and Earth science




Paper 1:

  • CP1-CP2: Motion and forces
  • CP3: Conservation of energy
  • CP4: Waves
  • CP5: Light and the electromagnetic spectrum
  • CP6: Radioactivity


Paper 2:  

  • CP7: Energy - Forces doing work
  • CP8: Forces and their effects
  • CP9: Electricity and circuits
  • CP10: Magnetism and the motor effect
  • CP11: Electromagnetic induction
  • CP12: Particle model
  • CP13: Forces and matter




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