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Posted by: Anita Procter on 21-04-2020

I write this surrounded by discarded Easter egg boxes, pieces of puzzles and an aura of confusion.

Two weeks have passed, we've had a holiday.  Well, "holiday."  It was, if I'm honest, 14 days of no work.  A chance to kick back and relax - watch TV, read, draw, interact with the family.  Ok, so it hasn't been the best Easter.  I was supposed to travel to Cyprus, to Paphos, a place I have been visiting for over twenty years.  Yes, I know that's a long time.  Yes, I know that makes me really old. No, I don't need to go on one of those little trolley-car things at the airport.  I have been seriously tempted to sit on the luggage roundabout thing though.  And I have seen enough episodes of Border Control to feel nervous going through customs, even though I've never had anything illegal in my luggage.

My holiday was cancelled.  Obviously.  No one is going anywhere.  I will admit, on that Friday, after I had come home from school, I did sit and have a cry.  It wasn't a surprise that I wasn't going; that had been on the cards for weeks.  It was just a sense of overwhelming sadness. Now, I know I will go back to Paphos one day - in fact we have planned to go next Easter.  All the places I love to visit will still be there - the Archaeological Park with its magnificent mosaics, the harbour with its beautiful castle, the old graveyard with Roman ruins and plethora of Pokemon (It's where I got my lovely Ekans, thanks for asking).

This is only a little problem - on the 5 point scale, it's a small problem, just a glitch.  I have my family around me and they are healthy.  I have access to food, films, books and other delights.  I should be grateful.  And I am.  But it is ok to be sad about these things.  I am sure you can think of at least one thing you miss.  In fact, yesterday, Mr Esmond asked me the one thing I miss most at the moment.  We were at school in the playground, maintaining the two metre distance and ensuring those students at school with us were also maintaining the two metre distance ("Two metres"!  It is my most-commonly used phrase at the moment, replacing my previously most used phrase -"What? Really?").  I had to think.

I could have said so many things - really big, important things.  My cancelled holiday for one.  But when I thought about it, the one thing I really miss at the moment is a Winter melon milk bubble tea with black pearls from Ding Tea down my local high street.  I walk past the cafe when I go shopping and it is closed.  Very closed.  The metal drawbridge thing is down and there is no way I can get anything from there.  What a silly thing to miss.  I know.  But if I want to talk to my parents, I can call them.  I could even Whatsapp video call them, but that would involve me having to brush my hair.  If I want to read the latest novel from whoever, I can order it, or download it onto my Kindle.  I can go for a walk and catch Pokemon.  I can write my novel (not sure what it will be about - but it won't be about this lockdown.  Maybe about witches; you should write about what you know, Jane Austen did and she is fabulous).  I can sing, pick up my guitar or ukulele.  I can do all manner of things.  And my answer made me think.

Because we are so lucky.  Ok, so we aren't able to have the absolute freedom to go where we want, but we are working together to keep people safe.  We are responsible for helping others stay safe and getting things back to normal.  And If that means I have to go without my Winter melon milk bubble tea with black pearls, that's a (tiny) sacrifice I am willing to make.


Think positively - when you find yourself frustrated by what you don't have: think about what you do have.  Get your parents to read Mr Winpenny's parentmail, if they haven't already - people care about you, we care about you.


Stay safe.


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