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Be A Lert - your country needs lerts

Posted by: on 11-05-2020

Yes! I knew it!  That graffiti in the 80s has come back!  Along with "Kilroy was 'ere," the Be A Lert phrase was part of my teen years.  And now it's back.

The rules about Lockdown are being relaxed slightly and that is hopefully a good thing.  It means that we can go out from Wednesday for unlimited exercise.  How brilliant is that?  For seven weeks, we have had to adhere to only going out for essential shopping and one hour a day's exercise, and now we can go out for more fresh air!  It may not sound like much, but it is a step forward.  We need to acknowledge that and use it wisely.  This doesn't mean parties in the park, but it will mean that we can choose another way of dealing with frustration.  It means we have another option when we enter the yellow zone.  Think about what your coping strategies are when you enter the yellow zone: before in lockdown, those options were limited.  Now you have a veritable cornucopia of choice.  Go outside and go for a run, go on a cycle ride, kick a football around, and not just limited to one measly hour.

Now remember - with great power, comes great responsibility.  We still need to social distance.  We still need to protect those people who are vulnerable.  It's not life as "normal" (for the record, there is no such thing as normal; there is conformity to social norms, which are in place to keep order and keep people safe).  But it is a step.  Or a run, or a cycle, or a walk in the park.


Stay safe.


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