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Musings from an Unexpected Wake Up at 4am

Posted by: Anita Procter on 30-06-2020

This morning at 4 am (yes, 4 o'clock in the morning), I was a hero.  I hear you gasp!  Mrs Procter a hero?  How?  Well, I shall tell you.

My slumber was disturbed by the sound of yowling and low, warning mews.  I listened:  it happened once and then again.  My sleep-befuddled mind slowly pieced together a scenario - my beloved cat, Kermode, was under attack and needed saving!

Now, my cat is officially my youngest child.  He is the family favourite and is loved by all of us.  When we list who we like best in the family (because why wouldn't you want to create conflict for no discernible reason?), he is always top of everyone's list.  And, in the fashion of a lot of families, he is pandered to.  He sleeps on cushions, people open the back door to let him out (despite the fact he has a cat flap.  We had a cat flap for ten years before getting a cat, but that is another story for another time) and we talk to him as if he was a human.  My husband, the world's worst interact-er with animals, adores him and chases away invading cats to protect our beloved.  I think we have spoilt him.  Our cat, not my husband, although he is pretty spoilt.

So, I leapt of out bed (that may be an exaggeration; I may have muttered something about checking on the cat and stumbled downstairs) and opened the back door.  Sure enough, a cat fled the garden.  It was mainly white, with black smudges and a fabulous tail - in other circumstances, I would have admired his beauty and even remarked upon it to said cat - but he was hassling poor Kermode, so I had to ensure he left my premises.  Kermode was under a tree, watching what I was doing.  Once the danger was over, he sauntered over to me and allowed me to stroke his head.  We returned indoors.

Was he grateful, I hear you ask?  Did he purr and thank me by allowing me to stroke him and pick him up?  Short answer: No.

He looked at his food bowl (nearly empty) and mewed.  Once I had filled the bowl, he glanced outside and then proceeded to eat.  As I type now, he is on the sofa, sleeping.

Our kind actions may not always be acknowledged or noticed, but they still exist.  Doing the right thing is the right thing to do, even if goes unnoticed.  And it makes the world a slightly better place.


Stay safe.



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