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Pastoral ~ Food & Drink

This school believes that it is very important that pupils are healthy and understand the importance of a healthy balanced diet. The Hollyfield school will try to promote healthy eating through lessons and in what is available for pupils to buy in the cafeteria. The school cafeteria, managerd by Caterlink, is open at break and lunchtime and a variety of hot and cold drinks and food are available each day. Typically during morning break pupils can buy hot food such as bagels, baguettes and slices or cold food such as sandwiches and baguettes. They can als buy hot and cold drinks such as hot chocolate or cold fruit drinks.

At lunchtime each day a hot fresh meat and vegetarian meal are available along with a vegetable choice. Each day a fresh desert is also available. As well as this pupils can buy hot foods such as pastries, jacket potatoes and pasta. Fresh fruit is always available. You can view the full canteen menu by clicking HERE

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