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Year 11 Curriculum Information - Art
Examination Board


Topics covered in the Autumn term

“Essence of the City” – Art based on the theme of the city

Topics Covered in the Spring Term

Externally Set Task (exam project)

  • In each project students produce a body of work and a final piece. The body of work explores the theme through drawing and experimenting with different materials and then the students come up with their own idea for a final piece based on the theme. Once completed these projects are assessed and students are awarded a grade and feedback for improvement.
  • The ‘Externally Set Task’ is assessed by teachers and then externally moderated by the exam board, this project is worth 40% of the overall grade.
  • Student’s sketchbooks are marked regularly with concise and specific feedback for improvement and a GCSE grade that they are working towards.
  • In year 11 students will sit a 10 hour mock exam in the Autumn term, students will plan a final piece to create in this exam based around the theme of Essence of the City.
Special Requirements/Equipment
  • Students should always arrive with a pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and a selection of coloured pencils. Students will always be informed of special requirements as and when necessary.
  • For home learning tasks we encourage students to have a selection of Art materials that are solely used for home learning tasks. This would include paints, shading pencils, pastels etc.
Home Learning
  • Home learning is set every week and is very varied. Some are specific tasks which students should spend 1-2 hours on, and some are ‘finishing off’ class work tasks.
  • Home learning tasks are taken very seriously as everything that is created in year 10 to January in year 11 is submitted as coursework. Coursework is worth 60% of their overall grade.
  • As a department we run an ‘Art catch-up’ afterschool for GCSE students so they can do their home learning tasks in school and use the schools resources.
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