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Year 9 Curriculum Information - Art
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Subject Outline

Students build on all the skills and techniques learnt in year 8. They develop their observational skills, design skills and they start to work on bigger outcomes. They continue to experiment and develop skills and knowledge using a range of media and processes including painting, drawing and printing.

Students develop work in sketchbooks as well as producing final outcomes. Students learn about ideas, methods and approaches used by other artists and they make connections between their work and the work of others. Students develop their abilities to use art specific language through listening, writing and speaking. Students are encouraged to make their work personal and individual in preparation for GCSE level.

Topics covered in the Autumn term


Topics Covered in the Spring Term

Pop Art

Topics Covered in the Summer Term

Figure Drawing

  • Each project includes the making of a final outcome, these outcomes are marked at the end of each term with a level. In the Summer term students will be asked to do an end of exam which will test them on their observational drawing skills as well as their design skills and creativity.
Special Requirements/Equipment
  • Students should always arrive with a pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and a selection of coloured pencils. Students will always be informed of special requirements as and when necessary.
  • For home learning tasks we encourage students to have a small selection of Art materials, most importantly colouring pencils. A small tin of watercolour paints, a glue stick and pair of scissors would be helpful.
Home Learning
  • Students are set a home learning task every other week. We suggest students spend up to an hour on this. Each home learning task is different and designed to cover a range of Art styles using a range of mediums. The home learning tasks are marked and students then respond to their feedback.
  • At some point in the year we set a 4 week home learning project. This is designed to give students a longer, sustained period of working on a task and really challenges them, we also encourage them to think about the care and presentation of their work.
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