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Posted by: Rachel Dowie on 18-01-2018

The Psychology department has had a very successful first term as both year groups have completed a substantial part of their course. Year 12 have completed the Approaches, Psychopathology and Social Influence topics. Year 13 have completed the Biopsychology, Schizophrenia and Addiction topics. The topics left to teach include Attachment and Memory in year 12, and Cognition & Development and Issues & Debates in year 13, plus finishing off everyone’s favourite topic – Research Methods.

This week our 6th form psychologists have sat their PPE’s which have been made of up past exam papers. All students were well prepared by taking part in revision lessons and WTM the week before. We wish them the best of luck and hope they have performed well. Results of these will be used to inform targeted intervention in order to help our students get ready for their exams in the summer.

Both teachers and students are making good use of the new Google Classroom account which has provided an excellent way to communicate and work collaboratively. Remember all classroom resources are saved in the shared folder for easy access. For year 13 any outstanding assignments on the Google Classroom must be completed ASAP! The Google classroom has also proved to be a great way of enthusing students’ interest outside of the specification as we regularly share relevant pieces of media to read or watch at home. This has included: Derren Brown’s TV shows, articles describing the most up to date research studies, TED talks on the structure of the human brain and information on career options post University.

The Psychology department would like to take this opportunity to promote the use of revision guides, flashbooks and the AQA revision app to aid students in their independent study! The app can be downloaded to phones or tablets and is a fantastic method for revising on the go. The Tutor2u website is also an excellent resource for students and their webinars can be watched for free on YouTube. We hope that all of our students use the plethora of revision resources available to them to ensure they achieve their full potential.

As we draw ever closer to exams there are many student conferences on offer in London. We would highly recommend that students attend these to enhance their exam performance and boost their grades. These conferences include how to answer the most difficult questions, top tips from chief examiners and Psychology lecturers and Q&A’s with subject specialists. They are really worthwhile and valuable days as they enhance student progress.

The Psychology department are looking forward to teaching the remaining topics to both year groups and discussing each student’s individual progress on parents’ evening.

We hope we will be sharing the success of our students on results day! Remember, there is no secret to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.


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