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GCSEPod and Intervention Sessions

Posted by: James Wilson on 18-01-2018

GCSEPod is an amazing resource that is available for all students in Year 11.  It contains a variety of revision podcasts for all subjects and is designed specifically for the syllabuses that are studied at Hollyfield.  Please encourage your son or daughter to access this on a regular basis as part of their revision timetable. 


All students now also have intervention sessions available, almost every day.  These take place in the morning, lunch or after school and will further help your son to get the best GCSE grades.  Some of the sessions are by invitation and students will be expected to attend.  Others are available for students to sing up for at their own choice.  


Both resources can be accessed at home via the school website.  Click on Links and then select either ‘GCSEPod’ or ‘Intervention’.  Your child will have the log-in details but please contact me if there are any issues.


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