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May Update

Posted by: Luke Redfearn on 17-05-2018

We are currently going through the transition process for the new Year 6 students and time has flown since our current Year 7s were in the same position a year ago. I have been very pleased with the number of students who have offered to help at various events to make this process as smooth as possible and they have been excellent ambassadors of the school. This week the students have been eagerly queueing at Student Services to hand in their reply slips for CAS Day. This is an exciting time and I hope they were able to get one of the options they wanted. The week commencing 11 June will be the end of year exams. I suggest that all students start their revision early and start to get organised so that they give themselves the best opportunity to be successful. A revision timetable will be particularly helpful and will hugely help this process. If any pupils would like any assistance or guidance during this time they must come and see me.  


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