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Half Term 1 Complete

Posted by: Luke Redfearn on 19-10-2018

It has been a hugely successful Autumn 1 for Year 7. They have started a new school and made the transition smoothly. I have been very pleased to see the number of students attending extra-curricular clubs and hope those numbers continue to grow. They are a great opportunity to take learning beyond the classroom. The behaviour of the year group is excellent and they show real pride when completing their class work. This will promote progress and provides them with a positive learning environment. 


There are a number of things to look forward to after the break. The first CAS Day of the year is always exciting with a wide range of activities available and this will be a good day for the year group. Autumn 2 ends with the carol concert which I am already looking forward to. 


I hope the positive trend continues and Year 7 have a restful and safe break.


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