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Psychology Department Update

Posted by: Rachel Dowie on 12-12-2018

The Psychology department have had a great first term of 2018!

Year 13 have completed the Biopsychology and Addiction topics, plus covering the majority of the Issues and Debates, Approaches and Research Methods topics. Additionally they have participated in a walking talking mock and sat their first set of pre-public exams. Fingers crossed that everyone has performed well and achieved their target grade.

Year 12 have completed a substantial part of their course completing the Approaches and Psychopathology topics, plus covering a lot of the Social Influence and Research Methods topics as well. This is excellent progress. In January they will participate in a walking talking mock and sit their first set of pre-public exams. In amongst their festive celebrations all Year 12 students must complete some revision over the Christmas holidays to ensure they are well prepared for their assessments.

With the exams in mind the Psychology department would like to promote the use of revision guides, flashbooks, Tutor2u and the AQA revision app to aid students in their independent study. Furthermore there are many student conferences on offer in London. We would highly recommend that our year 13 students attend these to enhance their exam performance and boost their grades. We hope that all of our students use the plethora of revision resources available to them to ensure they achieve their full potential.

If students would like to have a break from revision but still expand their knowledge of Psychology I recommend watching a TED talk or one of Derren Brown’s TV shows.

Sadly this was my last term as Head of Psychology at Hollyfield. I wish all of the Psychologists the best of luck for the spring and summer terms, and of course their exams. Remember to work hard, learn from your mistakes and never give up!


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