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Year 11 Update

Posted by: Ben Ryan on 01-02-2019

Friday 18 January was the results day assembly for the December Pre Public Exams. Before the students opened their envelopes, Mr Warren and myself spoke to the students about their results, future endeavours and strategies to help improve any results they may not be satisfied with. After the reveal we had some very happy and proud students in the dining hall. This was great to see and we were all happy that their hard work and effort in revision had paid off. Unfortunately, we also had some disappointed, sad and nervous students after they looked at their results. For both reactions, the message was the same; ensure you are attending interventions, ensure you have a solid revision routine and ensure you are applying yourself in lessons.

Following the results assembly there was Year 11 parent's evening Thursday 25 January. It was great to see majority of parents/carers attend the evening to get an insight into how the students could improve on their PPE results. As a follow on from that, it has been fantastic to see many Year 11 students coming in earlier or staying later at school for interventions and using the knowledge and expertise of the subject specialists at Hollyfield. As of Monday 4 February there are 49 school days left for the Year 11s before their first exam: RE and Computer Science. During this period it is vital that students are working to an effective revision routine. Not just taking notes but applying the knowledge, whether it be past papers or exam-style questions. In addition, it is important that the students take the time to ask their teachers for clarification or help on any topics they find difficult. 11 Weeks left!


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