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Year 8 - Cooper8

Posted by: Sophie Richardson on 08-02-2019

Year 8 are in the middle of a challenge set by Mr Ratcliffe for the Cooper8 section of the Gradu8 Programme. The students are expected to complete a reflection log of all the kind and helpful things they have completed over the next few weeks making a positive contribution to the Hollyfield community.

The students are awarded points depending on the activity they have completed. Please see the table below outlining what each activity is worth.


What you can do?

30 credits

·Keep a restorative approaches reflection log in your tutor base. Fill it in weekly with your acts of kindness and support for others.

·Significant contributions to wider school life. Leading by example and helping other students for a prolonged period of time.

20 credits

·Contributions to the community – looking after a new student, volunteering your time or skills at school events, positive behaviour in school and the local community

·Roles of responsibility that help other students and the school. EG, Mental Health Ambassadors, Student Mentors.

·Running a campaign within the school about positive relationships. EG, Anti bullying, LGBT, mental health,

10 credits

·Random acts of kindness.

·Helping out in tutor time

·Helping at school events,

·Guiding new students,

·Zero hero for behaviour for the whole year

·Tutor and student choice of task



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