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Year 11 Update

Posted by: Ben Ryan on 21-03-2019

It has been a busy few weeks for the Year 11s at Hollyfield. As the weeks tick down into days before their GCSE exams, the cohort are busy revising and attending Intervention sessions. They have had an English and Maths PPE over the past two weeks, readying them for their core exams.

World of Work Workshop
A group of 27 students took a trip to 'The Stoop' at Twickenham to attend the World of Work Workshop. Here they were able to ask different volunteer companies and educational institutions about career paths after their Post-16 options. The students were well behaved and were enthused on the trip, asking some great questions and opening their minds to a life after Hollyfield.

5-A-Side Football
As a break from the stresses of the classroom a 5-a-side tournament was organised. Initially it was going to be between the 6th Form and the Year 11s, however due to the lack of numbers from the 6th Form it ended up being a Year 11 tournament. The participants (in the table below) had to endure several rain delays for fixtures due to Mr Ryan organising the tournament on the wettest week for a while but eventually it came down to the top 4. After a gruelling finals series, Team 1 came out victors, beating Team 2 in Golden Goal format, and will play against the elite, athletic teachers team in the coming weeks (we need to warm up and practice). Well done to all, they were very enjoyable afternoons.

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5 Team 6
Will Hobson Safia Jones Jesse Ashison Amin Jaman Emily Black Zhubeen Shahabi
Jude Nugent Will Quinn Bhenijel Devapalan Miguel Martinez-Hughes Barney Rickard Josh Okosun
Freddy Claridge Louis Orlavac Deniz Yezil Jake Hall Chilo Malanguna Samer Hilali
Isaac Olaniyan Max Brown Max Walker Maher Hussain Marcus Stocks Abinayan Ramanathan
Cameron Black Joe Renouf Jaiden Gould Alfie Allanson Freddie Rowland Reshan Ragu

Careers Fair
Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th March we held a careers fair for the Year 11s. The night was designed for the students to ask questions of people in given fields that they may be interested in. We were lucky enough to have 10 different parents and 10 different speakers from different educational institutions volunteer their time to talk with the students. Although the attendance wasn't as high as anticipated, I believe the students that attend received some valuable time and insight into some different pathways. Thank you again to all those who attended and gave up their time.


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