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Year 11 Update

Posted by: Ben Ryan on 17-05-2019

It has been great to see the focus, effort and commitment from the Year 11s as their GCSE exams have started. The students have been busy revising and asking any last minute questions they may have in their DEPT sessions with their classroom teachers before heading into the exams. The weather has been kind to us, allowing the Year 11s to be calm and cool before heading into their exam venue.

A reminder that students are expected to be at school, for the entire school day, in their full school uniform. This is even if they don't have an exam scheduled for that day. The Year 11 passport timetables have been organised so students received last minute advice, support and revision before the exams. These sessions are proving invaluable in the time just prior to the exam.

Finally, a reminder that students need to ensure they have the correct equipment heading into an exam. This ensuring their pencil cases AND water bottles are clear with no labels on them.


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