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The Flaming Phoenix - Day 1 - How can we stay connected?

Posted by: Anita Procter on 23-03-2020

The school is eeriely quiet, but the weather is fine.  People are finding their feet and logging into Google Classroom, ready for the challenges set by their teachers.  This could be a lonely time for students.  However, Social Media has come into its own.  Offers of help on Facebook, the emergence of Houseparty, even Google Meet, all these things show we want to be connected to others.  Social Distancing doesn't have to mean ignoring people, it just means we have to make more of an effort to connect. Helping to keep people positive with a cheery Whatsapp message or a thumbs up picture on Snapchat may not seem like much, but it could mean a lot for that person - to know someone cares about them.

So once you've finished your lessons on Google Classroom (remember to save and submit!), read for half an hour and tidied your room, send a message to someone.  Saying hi and that you're thinking of them.  You could even push the boat out and telephone older relatives.

And remember - Keep Calm and Talk to Others!


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