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Staying Positive

Posted by: Anita Procter on 25-03-2020

Last night my husband tried to improve the internet.  He drilled a hole through the bedroom floor and put wires through.  It was at that point he realised that things were not quite right.  Having pulled out the old wire (and breaking it in the process), he discovered that the end of the new wire was not compatible with the router.  It should be noted here that the technical terms I have used here mean nothing to me.  I could quite easily have said the new blah was not compatible with the wibbly-doo-dah.  The house was without internet.  Nothing.   The flashing lights flashed, but no internet.  No League of Legends, no Merge Dragons, no checking emails.

It could have gone so badly.  There could have been shouting, screaming, tears - in fact a 5 on the "How Big is My Problem" scale, no, a 552 on the "Oh No, What Will We Do Now?  We May Have to Interact with Each Other - How is This Social Distancing?" Scale.  Now, I'm not claiming that we all emerged from our separate rooms, maintaining a distance of two metres and sang a chorus of "I Will Survive."  However, we took it in our stride.  Instead of berating the Head of the House (that's what he calls himself), we were supportive and tried to find a solution.

When things aren't going as we want - Social Distancing, not understanding the work we have been set, missing going out - it is easy to focus on the negative. But in the end, what does that achieve?  It's okay to feel frustrated, angry, upset - we should acknowledge our feelings.  It is what we do with our feelings that is in our control.  Look at what is going right.  Social Distancing is really hard and can make you feel really lonely, but it does mean that you are doing your bit.

So, if you don't understand the work, take a breath.  Read it again.  Look at your book.  Break it down.  Ask a friend, ask your teacher.  You can build up your resilience.


And don't worry about my lack of internet.  My phone has a magic spell on it - it's called 4G


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