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That Difficult Second Album, sorry, Week

Posted by: Anita Procter on 30-03-2020

So we've made it through the first week.  Like that first glorious album, we have surprised and delighted everyone with our innovation and dedication.  People know what we are capable of and expect us to do well.  And now we have to come up with the second album.  That tricky album.  The one people expect to be at least as good as the first.  The pressure is on.

Now, we're not Kajagoogoo (ask your parents) or Elvis Presley (watch Lilo and Stitch).  The novelty of accessing Google Classroom in our pyjamas and completing Maths Watch listening to *insert hip and happening band here* may be fading.  The enthusiasm of finishing a piece of work and then jumping straight onto the X-box (not literally, obviously - Currys take ages to deliver at the moment) may be waning, but we need to keep going.  We will hit a point where learning online becomes second nature, but it will require resilience.

Resilience.  That four syllable word that is being used quite a bit at the moment.  It is a key skill that enables us to learn and make progress.  And not just academically.  To have the resilience to keep on trying when it seems just too hard.  To see that failing is not the end, just an opportunity to yell "plot twist" and keep going.  I have, incidentally been banned from yelling "plot twist" at home.  I am also banned from going into my daughters' rooms and saying "whatcha doin'?"  I think they are taking the Social Distancing too far; they keep muttering about how the shed would be an ideal place for me to spend some time in and that spiders are a good source of nutrition.

For the next few weeks, it will be easy to drift into doing nothing, to become passive and not bother.  But that won't help in the long run.  When we're all back in school and lessons start in the flesh, so to speak.  Your teachers are putting lessons online to help you.  It gives you a structure to your day and a purpose.  Because without a purpose, it is easy to become overwhelmed by what is happening around you.  Social Media is good for keeping in touch with people, but it can be tempting to focus on the negativity.  Resilience is needed for good mental health.  To keep going, to appreciate what you have ac.hieved so far

Keep to that timetable.  Do those lessons.  But also take those breaks, talk to your family, check in on your friends online.  You've got this.

Stay safe.


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