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Acting For Happiness - or you could do it through interpretative dance

Posted by: Anita Procter on 01-04-2020

There is an app on my phone - I know: I am very up with all the technical things.  Well, as long as Mr Blakley does it for me.  (I am still trying to work out how to put pictures on this blog - apparently colouring in the screen of your laptop is not the way forward).  It is from Action for Happiness.  Every day it sends me a little message.  Today it suggested making a plan to help me keep calm and stay in contact.  Staying in contact is easy - hello!  Thanks for reading the blog!  How are you?  My Whatsapp is used regularly and I have even, gasps of amazement, telephoned my parents and spoken to them.  Ground-breaking stuff.

Planning to help me keep calm needs a bit more thought though.  One thing I have decided is to cut back on listening to the news and engaging with social media.  It is easy to be swept up in the negativity of what is going wrong in the world.  Let's face it - the news does tend to highlight what isn't working, where things are lacking and how things need to be better.  So listening to the radio for me doesn't help.  Facebook (yes, some people do still use it) is also heavy on the doom and gloom side at times.  Although at the moment, there are lots of pictures of beaches.  I hate sand.  Really loathe it.  But I love the sea.  Not that I can swim very well, but there is something very calming about the waves lapping at your toes or bobbing in the ocean.  One of my favourite authors, Iris Murdoch, loved water.  My university lecturer, Peter Conradi, went to visit her once and found her in the back garden in a large barrel of water.  This raised many questions in my head, notably "who has a large barrel of water set up in their back garden, in case they want to sit in it?" Obviously Murdoch.  Ah, the eccentricities of the published author.

Keeping calm.  If I had the technological know-how, I'd put one of those red Keep Calm posters here.  You'll just have to visualise it.  Or Google it.  No, visualise it - get your brain working.  "Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands," perhaps.  Or "Keep Calm and Social Distance." See how I've made Social Distance into a verb there to fit in with the poster?  I am so clever.  Not clever enough to work out how to put pictures in a blog, but my own kind of clever.  "Keep Calm and Google Classroom."  That could work.  Um, "Keep Calm and Stay Safe."  All-encompassing and allowing for your own definition of staying safe.  That will do.

To keep calm, I will continue to blog.  I will persevere with my puzzles in school and at home - wish I could show you a picture of my puzzle at home.  Discworld City Watch.  You know - the Terry Pratchett series?  Set in a world which is actually flat?  Where magic is the substitute for science?  Worth a read, anyway.  I will also write that novel I have wanted to write for years.  And learn more about autism - read more books and do a couple of courses online.  Keep busy, that's the ticket.

The link for Action for Happiness is https://www.actionforhappiness.org/  They have monthly calendars, with suggestions for things to do each day.  Why not try them?  Or substitute something else positive for that day.  I like that it gives me a moment to consider what I can do to keep myself calm and content, and others too.


Stay safe.


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