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The end of week 2 and we're still here

Posted by: Anita Procter on 03-04-2020

We have done it.  Made it through week 2 of an indeterminable number of weeks.  And it's been ok.  I haven't eaten all the Easter eggs in my wardrobe, I am managing spoken sentences (with ample warning, obviously) and I have cut down on my social media forays.  So how to keep going?  Ay, there's the rub.

My Action for Happiness app today advises me to "Write down ten things you feel grateful for in life and why" - here goes:

1. My family.  They drive me up the wall at times, but I know I am loved and that I am, in some small way, responsible for their achievements.  Also, they can make cups of tea for me.  And make biscuits.  Well, two of my daughters can. The other one can make egg-fried rice.

2. My cat.  A ginger fluff ball who only seems to want me when he is hungry or to shed on any black clothes I wear, but will sit on my lap, chest, legs and make me slow down and calm.  He also talks to birds.

3. Books.  Places I can escape to when I have to stay where I am.  (I love inspiring memes, don't you?)  Books have always been my escape and my means of comfort.  They are also good as door stops (Don Quixote) and for raising screens to a reasonable height (Les Miserables).

4. Music.  My favourite song at the moment is "Miracle Aligner," sung by some man who likes Ghost Cookies (look it up on the YouTube) and another man who likes sock puppets.  Or shadow puppets.  Puppets, anyway.

5. Drawing and painting.  Oh, if only I knew how to put pictures on this blog, I could show you just how monumentally awful my drawings are.  I know - take a piece of paper and a pencil.  Close your eyes.  Draw a picture of anything.  Open your eyes. That, but a bit worse.  However, I find it therapeutic and I am grateful for the opportunity to do something creative.  I always claim they are abstract.

6. Being a teacher.  I think I should have put this first.  I am not suited to offices - they are too quiet and people don't interact that much, unless it's meetings.  Being a teacher has been my job for over two decades and, despite the paperwork and the other yukky stuff, it has always made me feel that I am doing something worthwhile.  And I get to sing at work.  Even if I am not supposed to.  I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to meet so many fantastic and interesting people.  And sing to them.

7. Friendships.  People I can talk to and listen to and generally have fun with.  And get through hard times with (actual times, not the novel.  I loved that novel.  Very short for Dickens.  Very angry).  People who accept me for the bundle of weirdness I am.

8. That I live in a place where I am safe.  We can complain that we are "stuck" at home.  We have a home and we are not "stuck," we are "safe."  I can't have my Wild Melon milk bubble tea with black pearls at the moment, but I have a roof over my head, enough food to eat and wifi.  

9. Laughter.  Proper comedians (Stewart Lee, Richard Herring, Greg Davies, Bridget Christie, Sara Pascoe - all a bit sweary - parental guidance required), comedy programmes and films (Friday Night Dinner is back! Yay!), silly situations with my family and banter.  When you're laughing so much your stomach hurts and you don't know if you will ever stop laughing.

10. My curiosity.  I am horrendously uncurious about some things, but also really curious and interested in other things.  My need to learn and thirst for knowledge keep me going and push me forward.


So, being grateful for little things.  Make a list, check it twice.  Add pictures.  Type it up and put it in your favourite font.  Hang it up on the fridge and refer to it every time you get yourself a sandwich.  Or a yoghurt.  Or a stick of celery.


Stay safe.


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