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Pip, pip, pip, little April showers

Posted by: Anita Procter on 28-04-2020

I like rain.  I have the skin of a Tudor lady.  It is pale and never tans.  Never.  No matter what I try, safely of course.  One look at Hugh Jackman's nose just before he started filming shows the dangers of being in the sun.  I don't spend too much time looking at Hugh Jackman's nose.  I have better things to do.  Still, the summer is nice and all that, but the sun is a bit too much for me.  I wander through June, July and August like a vampire.  Not the sparkly ones, but the ones who spontaneously combust when they come into contact with sunlight.  I'm ok with crucifixes and holy water though.  Anyway, back to rain.

We have had uncommonly good weather over the last few weeks.  It's as if the sun had decided to give us a boost.  Or tease us.  "Look! It's really lovely outside, but you can't go to the seaside or stay out for more than an hour! You have to be inside, looking out forlornly."  The news has been full of people ignoring the lockdown and going out, spending time in open spaces, sitting, sunbathing.  The majority of people have been inside, except for that precious hour of exercise.  And now it's raining.

I love it.  I love being cosy inside, drinking a cup of decaff coffee, looking at the rain coming down.  It gives me a sense of security.  Also, as my mum would say, it's good for the garden.  So my lovely sunflower shoots, coriander and basil won't need me to deluge them with water from my broken watering can.  It also makes staying inside easier.  I don't mind working if the weather is yukky.  I like being inside and dry.  It means I can focus on my Captain Hook puzzle without that pressing need to exercise.  I can think about ordering my book shelves, without actually doing it.  I like the disorder of my bookshelves, mostly because it annoys my husband.  Little wins.

The rain also reminds me that we need to savour the positive.  Dolly Parton says that if we want the rainbow, we've gotta put up with the rain.  I like that.  I also like Dolly Parton's music.  There's not much in life that can't be cured by bellowing out "Jolene" at the top of my voice.  It lifted my spirits yesterday and helped me remember I have to take one day at a time and relish the little things.  Like rain.

Stay safe.


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