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Good news! If you have an EHCP with a Diagnosis of ASD

Posted by: on 04-05-2020

Hello!  The sun is out and it is a new week.  It is week (insert random number here) and things are ok.  I was sent a link last week, which made me quite happy.  The government has said that if someone has a diagnosis of ASD, they can go out more than once a day, if they need to.  This is a brilliant thing - it is as if they are listening to the needs of people with special educational needs. I have a good feeling about this.  If you want to maintain a positive regime, you need to work, relax, have fun and...drum roll, please...go outside and exercise.


Kingston have put a thing on their website (stop me if I get too technical), which has a link so you can apply for a letter, saying it is appropriate to go out more than once a day.  It will be emailed, so no waiting for the post and you can keep it on your phone, so that if you are challenged, you can show people.  Like the police.  Not random strangers at bus stops.  The link is below;



I hope this helps - nature and exercise are healing and great positive boosters.


Stay safe.


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