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Alert! Teachers are actually human and care!

Posted by: Anita Procter on 05-05-2020

I know, this is real news.  Having watched the School Reunion episode of Doctor Who (David Tennant, Anthony Head AND Elisabeh Sladen - Sarah Jane Smith: The Best Companion), I regularly check that I don't turn into a monster who feeds students chips dipped in a special oil which makes them smarter.  It's true.  I also make sure I don't sleep in a cupoard at school upside down.  I really love Doctor Who, even the Sylvester Mccoy year (s).  Bonnie Langford is a seriously under-rated actress.  What was I saying? Oh, yes.  This lockdown malarkey is taking its toll on everyone.  On Facebook (yes, I still use Facebook.  I have got House Party on my phone, but it just buzzes sometimes and interrupts my focus on writing a novel.  No, I haven't started it yet, stop pressuring me; you're not my mum), there is a group for teachers and we post memes and exchange views.  And the thing I have noticed most is that we all miss you.  Yes, you.  The one sitting on the sofa playing Animal Crossing.  Yes, you.  The student who is really loud and needs lot of "encouragment" to do work.  Yes, you.  The student who finishes all their work and asks for extension work.  Yes, all of you.

And I have also seen the Parentmails members of SLT have sent out.  I makes me proud.  We love you guys.  Shucks.  We know how hard this is.  #Today, Miss O'Shea has sent you all a message.  I have her permission to reproduce it here:

Good morning.

I hope you are all well and able to enjoy the sunshine today.

I just wanted to reassure you that, although your teachers are setting you lots of remote learning activities to keep your minds active during lock-down, we don't expect you to work beyond the regular school day.

We know that some of you are sharing computers at home with siblings and parents, so you might have a slightly different schedule, but we don't need you to complete more than fifty minutes' work for each lesson. If you can only complete part of what is set in that time, your teachers will understand. The great thing about Google Classroom is that we can talk to each other in the comments - so please talk to us if you need extra help, or to let us know that you ran out of time. We don't want anybody staying up too late or feeling under pressure.

Mr Ratcliffe, Mrs Ward and their teams (including Heads of Year and SSOs) are here to support you if you feel overwhelmed. We are here, even if you can't see us.

Have a good day.

Miss O'Shea


And this is not just paying ideas lip service (saying things you think you should, but don't mean).  We are here for you.  And you can communicate with us (Yes! Got the remit of SLCN shoe-horned in, but actually quite naturally).  We ARE there for you and not just for the work.  If you need to reach out to a trusted teacher (alliteratively interesting), do it.  Send us a message on Google Classroom.  We are here for you, on the internet world wide web thing, even though we can't be there in person.


Stay safe.


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