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Wellbeing Wednesday

Posted by: on 06-05-2020

We've made it to Wednesday and we should all be proud.  The sun is also out, so we can make the most of that too.

Now, thanks to the amazing Mr Ratcliffe - that's what the A stands for - we are going to have Wellbeing Wednesday.  Lessons for this afternoon have been cancelled and Mr Ratcliffe has set us all some brilliant challenges to help with our wellbeing.

They are in five different categories.  I have those categories laminated and on my desk as I type and they are wonderful ways of promoting positive wellbeing, not just for yourself but for others too.

Be Active

Hard in these "Interesting Times" (also a title of a great Terry Pratchett book - there is a curse - "may you live in interesting times" - and the way you deal with things, is how good a journey you have through life), but not impossible.  Using your hour's exercise to go to a local landmark near your house is a great idea and a wonderful excuse to get your heart pumping.  There is science behind the notion of exercise and so we should do it.

Keep Learning

Learning does not have to be curriculum related - it is using your brain to solve new problems.  I can vouch for the huge amount of fun to be had trying out Mr Esmond's bridge building and thinking about learning outside your normal parameters.  I have a photo of me reading my Kindle in a dinosaur park in Portugal.  It certainly focuses your mind.


One of my favourite four letter words.  It is easy to become self-absorbed in times of crisis.  Your parents and guardians are working hard to keep things as normal as they can, but I bet you they are also worried and stressed.  No one has gone to through a pandemic in our lifetime.  This is all new and we are all finding our way in uncharted waters.  Saying thank you and meaning it is wonderful.  By showing someone you have noticed the hard work they are doing, you give them a boost.  And help them continue.  You can be appreciative of those working in difficult circumstances, in the NHS, for example, or your parents, for putting up with you.  They keep you safe, put up with your moods and feed you.  They encourage you to do your school work and then invite you to go on a walk with them.  Giving something back doesn't mean a huge party with balloons.  It can be making them a cup of tea, asking how they are feeling, or even keeping your room tidy.



Not physically, of course.  We are practising social distancing.  But going on the internet and chatting to people.  My parents live in Lincolnshire and I can't go and see them.  They have been self-isolating for 7 weeks and my family miss them so much.  We text, call each other and I have even done the video call on Whatsapp.  It's not the same as being with them. but it will do.  I have also sent my mum flowers and a little round piece of wood with a hug on it.  Little things mean a lot.  Asking someone a question and listening to the answer.  I also love the suggestion of videoing yourself doing something funny.  This I will do.  I will post a video of me singing on The Phoenix Provision Google Classroom thing.  The world should be alerted.


Take Notice

Mr Ratcliffe suggests helping cook dinner.  What a brilliant idea.  It will be good practice for when you leave home and have to fend for yourself.  Some families pass down recipes, so you can learn them.  You can also experiment with tastes and flavours.  And when you eat, take a moment to notice how it tastes.  Then thank your parents!

Star gazing is anothe great idea.  Standing outside, focusing on the sky and looking for stars.  And aliens.  And a death star.  Or a Vogon fleet.  The skies are clearer at the moment and you should be able to identify some stars.  If the moon is shining, you can sometimes see Venus too.

A moment of Mindfulness is good too.  It doesn't have to be hours of yoga, but a couple of minutes of quiet.


All of these things will help you focus on the positive.  Remember - we are all doing our best and every day doesn't have to be perfect.  


Stay safe.




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