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Listen! And not just to answer

Posted by: Anita Procter on 11-06-2020

Hey, it's been a while.  I hope you've been well - okay, I hope it's been bearable.  Lots of things have been happening and the world can seem even more confusing.

I have been thinking and you all know that I need time to recover after a really big think.  And my conclusion?  I really need a drum roll for this:

We all need to listen.  Listen to hear what is being said.

We listen.  We listen whilst we're on our phones, or watching TV (I can't mention the programme I'm watching by name at the moment, but it is so funny.  David and Alexis are delightful and Moira is the best mother on TV at the moment).  We listen whilst we wonder what is for dinner.  We listen and then respond.  We want to put over our point of view and answer what is being said.  But do we Listen?  (I put a capital letter there to make it look different, cool, huh?)

It's a skill, Listening.  Really Listening.  There are misunderstandings when we don't listen.  You don't Listen to your mum and Ka-zaam! You've volunteered to do the dishwasher.  You don't Listen in class and Boom! You're adding when you should be subtracting.  You half-listen to your friend and inadvertently tell them that joining the French Foreign Legion would be the best decision ever.

To Listen is to give a real gift.  It is an active thing that requires effort.  It tells the person that you value them and that what they say is very important.  It may have taken them a huge amount of courage to talk to you and the fact they have chosen you is really amazing.  Listening without judging is hard.  Listening without adding your opinion is hard too.  Taking in someone's point of view without justifying it with your own values is difficult.  However, it is something we need to do.   When we listen, we learn.  

I am Listening to quite a few different people at the moment.  Due to recent events, I am Listening to people on Social Media.  Following recommendations from friends, I am Listening to people through the books that they have written.  I am also Listening to myself and how I am feeling.

So, whether it is your own inner dialogue, a friend in need or someone expressing their feelings on Social Media, why not Listen?  And really Listen.  Then you can make a considered decision on what it is they are really trying to Say.


Stay safe.



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