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Posted by: Anita Procter on 23-06-2020

Things have been moving on apace.  In the wide world of Covid 19, we are now allowed to join with another bubble, collect bubble tea from Ding Tea (maybe that is just me doing the bubble tea dance) and blow bubbles with other people maintaining the two metre distance.  It's all bubbly fun.  However, things are not back to normal.  We can go to Primark, but not stay overnight with our relatives.  We can tune into live lessons (big shout out to Mr Ryan who allowed me to crash his year 7 Science lesson - I learned so much about galaxies and stars and aliens), but not sit in a class of 30.

We may be returning to normal, whatever normal is.  I'm not convinced that the normal before was really that great.  During this Lockdown, we have been given the gift of slowing down and looking around us.  Of thinking about what really matters.  And for me it has turned out to be people.  I really didn't think I needed so many people; I don't like crowds and I can spend a whole day reading, drawing, watching Buffy (such a brilliant role model - resilience and focus, obviously without the staking), without even speaking to anyone.  However, since I haven't been able to see who I want, I want to see people.

The school is becoming more populated - the LRC bubble now has a subbubble (Mrs Ward came up with that one and it is brilliant) and the year 10s are back in, a bit.  The year 12s will be coming in next week and, although we can't "cross contaminate" (which actually sounds like an angry person putting their jam knife back into the butter), it is good to see students where they belong.  It's also a bit weird.  I still don't like crowds and on a walk to Cannizaro Park on Sunday, I wasn't really that comfortable with the number of people around.  And the noise.  Not horrible noise, but noise.  Children having fun, adults chatting and sharing jokes and news.  On my walks previously, I would not see too many people and, when I did, we would skirt around each other holding our breath.  This is our new normal.

And when we return to school, all of us, in one place, it will be another normal.  It will be odd and exhilarating and strange and brilliant.  And that is alright.  The emotions we feel will be alright too.  The key thing is to talk about those emotions with someone.  That is where your friends come in.  Also, teachers.  We will be feeling a myriad of emotions too.  It's great to do live lessons, but to actually see you again will be brilliant and a bit odd.  We will welcome you with open arms and help you in any way we can.  We may need a bit of help too, so a smile and a hello would be appreciated.

If you're worried about coming back, talk to your tutor; I know they're phoning to make sure you're ok.  If you're having worries about the school work, talk to your tutor.  If you're really excited and can't wait, tell your tutor too.  If you're really proud of a piece of work, tell your tutor - they would love to celebrate your achievements.


Stay safe.


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