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GCSE Results!

Posted by: Josh Blakley on 12-08-2021

Hollyfield’s GCSE Results 2021: Great News and Well Deserved Success


The Hollyfield School is delighted to report the outstanding achievements of our students in their GCSE and BTEC qualifications this summer. In addition to the amazing success of the year group as a whole, there were some absolutely fabulous results for individual students. Corinne McCarthy achieved an astonishing nine grade 9s, one 8 and a 7, which is an amazing achievement. Jessica MacNaughron achieved seven grade 9s, three 8s and a 7, which reflects her talent and hard work. Daniil Manokhin, another superstar, achieved seven grade 9s, two 8s and three 7s, while Talia Marie achieved seven 9s and three 8s. Sophia Clark was awarded six grade 9s and three 8s, Piotr Francik achieved six 9s and four 8s and Zak Grecian achieved an amazing five 9s and five 8s. Joseph Stringfellow and Harvey Mughal achieved two Distinction Stars each in their BTEC qualifications. What an impressive bunch!


The number of students achieving grades 7 and above (which would have been A grades or better under the old system) was really pleasing, particularly in subjects like English, Spanish, Music, Business Studies, Drama, Computing, Physics, French and Textiles. There were also an impressive number of subject areas where every student achieved a 4 or better. Our enrollment to sixth form is, as ever, very strong, and a team of staff has been on hand to offer advice and guidance to students so that they make the best possible next step.


This year, following the cancellation of exams, grades were awarded through a process of teacher assessed grades, against national standards and approved by exam boards. Our students worked incredibly hard throughout their courses - and they were supported by teachers who were determined to ensure that the pandemic did not impact on the quality of their learning experience. We are really proud of the response of students and staff alike, and we are delighted with these excellent results. 


Head of Year, Wes Goggin, said:


‘Having come through the most difficult and unprecedented circumstances this cohort of students should be immensely proud of their application and attitude towards their education. These last two years have been very challenging dealing with online learning, lockdowns and ever changing rules to school life. The Year 11s have overcome every obstacle in a mature and resilient manner. They are a wonderful group of students who have been so successful it has been an absolute privilege to have been their Head of Year and I wish them every success in the future. They fully deserve it.’


Headteacher, Amy Jackson, said:


‘We are incredibly proud of this wonderful group of students. They faced challenge after challenge due to the pandemic but they have responded with positivity and maturity and we’re so happy to see how pleased they are today. This year, more than ever before, the teams around the students, including their families, the year 11 team  and teachers have worked tirelessly to support them, so I would like to offer my congratulations to all of those involved. Many of the students will now join us at The Hollyfield Sixth Form next year but some will go on to other destinations. Whatever their next steps, we wish them all the very best for the future.’


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