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Hollyfield Summer School 2021

Posted by: Josh Blakley on 01-11-2021

Summer School Hollyfield 2021


In July 2021 The Hollyfield School ran a summer school as part of the Government’s COVID19 catch-up response to the virus, due to the Department for Education's (DfE) estimate that pupils were on average 1.6-2 months behind in their reading and approximately 3.2 months behind on their maths. 


In accordance with the DfE’s published guidance The Hollyfield School planned and facilitated a five-day summer school for 100 children from the incoming Year 7 cohort. All 180 children, from over 20 primary schools, were invited to attend and take their opportunity for a free space for these five days. Current Y7 mentors and Hollyfield teaching and support staff were also offered spots on the team that successfully managed to ease the transition of the incoming cohort of children to our secondary school.


Not all of the 180 children invited attended the summer school and some did not attend the full week for a multitude of reasons.


89 children of our current Y7 cohort attended for one of more days

7 pupils from our current Y8 cohort came and supported as mentors

21 of these children were eligible for Pupil Premium funding


The costs of delivering the summer school were as follows:

Staffing: £16307.68

Externally sourced activities: £4500

Catering: £2335

Equipment: £2672.08

Miscellaneous: £1864.24 (cleaning/ photocopying etc)


All students were provided with a Maths and English workbook, along with stationary and a reading book in their packs at the start of the week. These resources were provided to help support students beyond the summer school with their transition to secondary school. Each day there was a Maths and an English lesson facilitated by a fully qualified teacher and supported by at least one Teaching Assistant and a Mentor. Every day also offered the children at least one physical activity whether that was a double Dance lesson, PE or a stint on the giant inflatables with It’s a Knockout Challenge! We were also able to offer computing and robotics, team building with BushCraft sessions and Drama. 


All in all it was a fabulous week that allowed teachers to build relationships and reassure those transitioning to secondary school.



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