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Taekwondo club- new club opportunity

Posted by: Unknown on 14-09-2017

We are excited to announce that from Tuesday 26th September, Hollyfield will be running a Taekwondo club for students to take part in. The club will be run by a fully qualified and DBS checked Taekwondo coach, with many years’ experience of the sport and coaching. The club will be run as a training programme over 18 weeks from September through until the Easter term giving pupils the chance to develop their skills and progress to earn a belt grade.

Following the success of Taekwondo at recent Olympics, this is an excellent opportunity to take part in growing sport and for them to develop personally in many different ways including:

Mentally- Taekwondo requires and builds a great deal of focus and concentration which is useful in all areas in life

Emotionally -Taekwondo has a strong focus on discipline which helps students channel their emotions in a safe environment as well as face their emotions and overcome them. 

Socially- Taekwondo helps build confidence and with the prospects of working towards a black belt they can obtain the position of a leader and the necessary skills that come with.

As the club will require a qualified coach, students will be required to pay a cost of £55. Payments can be made via cheque made payable to the Hollyfield School or via Parent mail. If payments could be made by Monday 25 September that will secure a place for this club. Payments made will be non-refundable.

Due to the nature of the club, regular commitment and participation of students is important.

If you have any further questions about this opportunity then please feel free to contact me via email at d.miller@hollyfield.kingston.sch.uk .


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