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Pastoral ~ Form Tutors & Rooms
Year HOY / AHOY Tutor Reg Form Room House


Mr Ryan

Mr Johnston Apollo C4 Eagle
Miss Neville Jupiter M1 Osprey
Ms Lovell Mars A4 Falcon
Mr Seivright Mercury H2 Osprey
Mrs Turner Smith Neptune C1 Falcon
Miss Harris Pluto C3 Eagle
Miss Scotto (Tues, Wed, Thurs & Friday)
Mr Wyld (Mon only)
Saturn F3 Eagle


Mr Redfearn

Ms Lunt Apollo O5 Eagle
Mr Fraser Jupiter A7 Osprey
Mr Shah-Zaidi Mars O2 Falcon
Ms Alldridge Mercury S4 Osprey
Miss Foot Neptune C2 Falcon
Ms Lo Piparo Saturn S11 Eagle


Mr Blakley

Mr Hamilton Apollo A10 Eagle
Ms Sharma (Mr Street Mon AM in H4) Jupiter O4 Osprey
Mr Street (Miss Goodman Mon AM) Mars C5 Falcon
Mr Grace Mercury S6 Osprey
Mr Ketibuah Neptune C6 Falcon
Miss Jenkins Saturn A2 Eagle


Mr Goggins

Miss Lowery (Mon & Tues)
Mr Russell (Wed, Thurs & Fri)
Ms O'Kereke (Fri PM Only)
Apollo C7 Eagle
Mrs Assam
TBC (Fri PM only)
Jupiter IT1 Osprey
Ms Lamce Mars S8 Falcon
Mr Miller Mercury A3 Osprey
Miss Chidlow Neptune O3 Falcon
Miss Cunningham Saturn S7 Eagle


Mr Buckman

Miss Cripps Apollo A9 Eagle
Ms Calvo-Rodriguez
Ms Ismail (Wed AM only)
Jupiter S10 Osprey
Ms Macauley Mars S3 Falcon
Mr Williams Mercury S9 Osprey
Miss A Callaghan Neptune O6 Falcon
Ms Bouchard Saturn S12 Eagle

Dir. Of Sixth Form


Mr Warren

Ms Bradford 12AB A8
Mr Watts 12GW Media
Mr Davila 12YD S2
Ms Sawant (Mon, Tue & Thurs)
Ms Callaghan (Wed & Fri)
12AS O1

Head of Year 12

Miss Alam

Head of Year 13

Mrs Chesters

Mr Sheehy 13PS C8
Mrs Zeqiri (Tue, Wed, Thurs & Fri)
/Ms Hosking (Mon)
13SZ A6
Mrs Hodson (Mon & Tues)
Miss Cotton (Wed, Thurs & Fri)
13SC H5/H7
Mr Nazir 13SN S16

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