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Pastoral ~ Form Tutors & Rooms
Year HOY Tutor Reg Form Room House


Mr Blakley

SLT: Mrs Rhodes

Mr Case Apollo C8 Eagle
Miss Neville Jupiter M1 Osprey
Ms Roberts Mars C6 Falcon
Miss Chan Mercury A3 Osprey
Miss Biddle Neptune A2 Falcon
Mr Vafidis Saturn A10 Eagle


Mr Goggin

SLT: Miss Patel

Ms Calvo-Rodriguez Apollo S10 Eagle
Mr Hurst Jupiter A1 Osprey
Ms Brain Mars O2 Falcon
Mr Williams Mercury S15 Osprey
Miss Rodriguez Neptune S11 Falcon
Madame Bouchard Pluto S12 Eagle
Miss Callaghan Saturn O6 Eagle


Mr Ryan

SLT: Miss Patel

Mr Johnston Apollo C4 Eagle
Mr Street Jupiter M2 Osprey
Mr Miller Mars F3 Falcon
Mr Seivright Mercury H2 Osprey
Mrs Turner Smith Neptune C1 Falcon
Ms Blackler Pluto S6 Eagle
Mr Roberts Saturn O3 Eagle


Mr Buckman

SLT: Mr Ratcliffe

Mrs Lunt Apollo O5 Eagle
Miss Cunningham Jupiter S7 Osprey
Mr Lawrie Mars C5 Falcon
Ms Macauley Mercury S3 Osprey
Miss Foot Neptune C2 Falcon
Mr Fox Saturn S4 Eagle


Mr Buckman

SLT: Mr Ratcliffe

Mr Hamilton Apollo Eagle
Mrs Lowery (Monday & Wednesday)
Mr Russell (Tuesday & Thursday)
Ms O'Kereke (Friday)
Jupiter C7 Osprey
Mr Humm Mars A5 Falcon
Miss Wellstead Mercury O4 Osprey
Miss Goodridge Neptune C3 Falcon
Miss Jenkins Saturn A4 Eagle


Ms Alam


Ms Offord

Dir. Of Sixth Form

Mr Warren

Mr Leather 12MLE F1
Ms Dabb 12HDA A8
Mr Murray
Mrs Sawant (Mon, Tue & Wed)
Mrs Assam 12SAS IT1
Miss Watts 13GWA ME
Ms Zeba / Miss May (Wed & Thurs) 13FZBM S9
Mrs Hodson (Mon & Tues)
Miss Cotton (Wed,Thurs & Fri)
Mrs Callaghan (Mon, Weds & Fri)
TBC (Tues)
Mrs O'Kereke (Thurs)

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