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Pastoral ~ Concerned about a child?

Hollyfield School fully recongises the contribution it makes to child protection. All staff in the school have a responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all students, by operating within practice that protects them. Everyone has a duty to protect children and therefore we ask all students and parents to report any concerns they have about a child's welfare. They can do this either through the School Safeguarding Staff (see below) or direct to the Kingston Council's Single Point of Access Team (SPA) by clicking HERE

Pastoral ~ Safeguarding Staff

There are two members of staff who deal with all safeguarding matters within the school. They are Mr Ratcliffe and Mrs McMillan. Pupils and Staff have been informed that these staff deal with very sensitive and personal issues, for which they have all been trained. They respect confidentiality and deal with specific cases with parents and other outside agencies, as appropriate.

The nature of their work means that they cannot always report outcomes but they carry out their work quietly and diligently.

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