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Pastoral ~ Induction & Transition

Hollyfield School takes the move from Primary School into Hollyfield very seriously as we know this can cause anxiety for some pupils. Over many years we have developed a transition plan which we believe helps pupils settle into the school.

In July all Year 6 pupils attend a 1 day induction day were new pupils meet their tutors and have a chance to meet other new pupils as well as revisiting the school. The same evening parents are invitied to meet the senior staff and their team to discuss any issues and to take part in specific workships which cover different aspects of school life.

In September pupils have 2 days of induction in their form groups before they start their formal lessons. By this time all pupils will know what form group and teaching group they have been placed into by their Head of Year.

For Pupils who arrive after September they will be given a special plan to help them settle into the school quickly which can result in an initial short timetable in the first one of two weeks.

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