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Pastoral ~ The School Council

The School Council members are elected at the beginning of the school year. In September pupils put themselves forward to become representatives of their Year groups and are then voted in by their peers. Two pupils represent each Year group. These representatives will then work to support and act on behalf of their fellow year group members.

The School Council meets with an Assistant Head of Year every two weeks to discuss any issues they may have. General school matters will also be discussed at these meetings.

Once every half term The School Council meets with The Headteacher to discuss ideas, to establish changes and to support with the progression of school life.

The School Council promotes and campaigns for nominations for the Jack Petchey Award. They are responsible for voting for the most worthy winners of this award. This contributes to school life as the award money is invested into buying equipment and resources for the school.

The role of a School Council member:

Being a pupil councillor is a post that requires commitment for a full year to Council. You will be a key person in school, holding responsibility for ensuring that the issues of your Year group are discussed and resolved through your work with pupils and staff at The Hollyfield School.

School Council Members will be:

  • Proactive in meetings
  • Approachable
  • Keen to take on further responsibility as needed
  • Able to disseminate information from meetings and distribute it accordingly

Suitable candidates will be:

  • Excellent communicators
  • Able to consider the School Body as their motivation
  • 100% reliable

The post of a Councillor gives the opportunity to:

  • Evaluate the opinions of pupils in your year group
  • Meet with representatives of other year groups
  • Meet with Student Council and the Headteacher
  • Feed back to your Class Representatives about decisions taken

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