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Pastoral ~ Sun Safety

The Hollyfield School consists of several teaching blocks which are all separate from each other. This means all people on the site – both staff and pupils – are exposed to the sun more than others who work in a single building. For this reason the school has a Sun Safety policy to try and minimise the level of sun exposure pupils receive.

During hot weather the Headteacher will decide whether pupils can be in lessons and on site without wearing their blazers. Pupils will be told this by their form tutors or if the ‘Sun’ picture appears in the window of Oak House.

Pupils are encouraged to sit in the shade, wear their uniform so as to maximise their coverage, wear sunscreen and to drink plenty of water during the summer term.

Water is freely available from outside water fountains and within the school cafeteria. Pupils are encouraged to drink water every day and in lessons, as this helps them to concentrate and learn.

A detailed account of this policy can be found in the policies section of the school website.

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