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Pastoral ~ The Team

There are nine members of the pastoral team at Hollyfield. They are all here to help and support our pupils and parents. The teams are:

  • Mr Blakley - Head of Year 7
  • Mr Ryan - Head of Year 8
  • Mr Redfearn - Head of Year 9
  • Mr Buckman - Head of Year 10
  • Mr Goggin - Head of Year 11

There are three Student Support Officers who also help support the pupils. They are:

  • Mrs K. McMillan (Year 7)
  • Miss C. Blackman (Years 8 & 9)
  • Mrs R. Tiffin (Years 10 & 11)

Finally, Mr Winpenny (Deputy Headteacher), oversees all of the pastoral Year Teams. For Years 12 & 13 there is alternative pastoral provision provided by the Sixth Form team.

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