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The Phoenix Provision

The Phoenix Provision at The Hollyfield School is opening in September 2019. This specialist resource provision is being provided by the school and Achieving for Children in partnership, for those students who have Education and Health Care Plans for social communication needs, including autism.

It will enable students to be included in the mainstream school, making progress in their learning, with input from specialists within the provision. Students will benefit from high quality teaching in a mainstream, co-educational school and be able to access specialist intervention. There will be small group and individual teaching sessions, alongside supported and independent inclusion in mainstream classes.

Our students will be expected to attend a high number of lessons within the main school, as well as a mainstream tutor group. Staff within the provision will liaise with class teachers to ensure they understand the needs of students and the various teaching strategies to support our students.

Focus in the Phoenix Provision is to provide students with social communication skills to succeed in mainstream classes, in more unstructured times and achieve their potential.

Our approach in the Phoenix Provision is one of flexibility and personalisation of the curriculum, which is relevant to the students’ needs both socially and academically.

A range of strategies are available within the provision, including Zones of Regulation, Social Thinking and The Hidden Curriculum, tailored to the needs of each students. Students will be supported in class to attain the best progress for them, whilst enabling them to become more independent and able to deal confidently in all social communication situations. The provision is developing ways of using SCERTS within both the provision and wider school to ensure students are able to communicate effectively and appropriately.

Each student will have a key worker, who will support the student, offer practical advice, encourage and work with the student to resolve any problems they may experience in the main school.

Within the provision are specially designed small group rooms, for one to one and pair work sessions, with two larger classrooms for socialising and larger group sessions.

Students will be able to access structured lunch time clubs, where social skills and communication strategies can be practised, as well as reflection sessions. It is a safe space where students can relax with friends and develop confidence.

There is a sensory space, where students can self-regulate their emotions and develop strategies to both identify and deal with their feelings. A sensory garden and patio will also be available to students in order to assist their calming strategies.

Small group sessions will focus on social communication, whilst developing the skills needed in mainstream classes, such as note taking, mind-mapping and effective revision techniques.

Our aim is to enable students to access as much of the mainstream experience as they can, supporting them to make the progress they are capable of and encourage them to achieve in order to empower them to succeed in life beyond the provision and the school.

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